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Apruve Credit Management

Your Accounts Receivable, Received.

Extend net terms to your customers and get paid 24 hours, without the tedious credit analysis, collections, invoicing or account management.


No Financial Risk • Eliminate Slow Cash Flow • A DSO of One

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Increase Revenues, Not Risk

Drive B2B SalesDrive Sales

Streamline A/R

Improve Cash FlowImprove Cash Flow

No Financial Risk

Save 40% on Accounts Receivable Costs

Your smallest customers take up the same resources as your largest clients, yet they cost the same to manage. Multiple methods of communication and tedious labor hours adds up and takes away from your bottom line. Apruve streamlines these burdensome tasks to cut costs and boost profit margins.

Save 40% on AR Costs


Zero Financial Risk Credit Program

Zero Financial Risk

When Apruve manages your credit program, you get paid in 24 hours no matter what. If a customer pays late or defaults you lose nothing, you grow your business, we will collect from your customers.


Increase Sales by Over 30%

Extending credit to your customers leads to drastic increase in your revenues and order frequency. Aprove customers have reported a 30% increase in revenues in comparison to non-credit sales.

Increase sales and loyalty

How it works.

We connect banks to finance your extended lines of credit to your customers. Apruve allows your customers to buy on terms, without having to worry about a slow cash flow, tedious tasks, increasing overhead or default payments. With Apruve, your credit program is as easy as accepting a credit card.

Explainer Video - Apruve's B2B Credit Network
The Apruve Credit Management explainer video on how to extend credit to businesses.